Measure outcomes, manage quality, prove your strengths.

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The FOTO (Focus on Therapuetic Outcomes) database and dashboard is fully integrated with ReDoc. See what you're missing.

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Goals & Benchmarking

Drive compliance with Functional Limitation Reporting (FLR). Seamlessly identify G-codes and severity modifiers to complete your documentation.

A database with 11 million episodes of care from 15,000 therapists. Compare patients' characteristics and establish predictable outcomes expectations.

Compliance & Efficiency

Track outcomes against benchmarks at a patient, therapist, and facility level. Use that competitive data and market your facility to referrers and potential clients.

Analysis & Reporting

Last chance to read a client's experience. Or, schedule a demo to get a look for yourself.

Visit the FOTO website for details on functional assessments, informational videos, and Medicare compliance. 

FOTO users are an enthusiastic bunch. See for yourself!

Physical Therapist

Centrastate Medical Center
Freehold, NJ

"I use [FOTO] data to manage my patients. In fact, I won’t even discuss patient care without it. When another therapist asks me what I think, I say ‘I want to see the FOTO data.'"

"Therapists were doing ‘back flips’ when they saw how easy [ReDoc] made FLR."

Brian Smith, PhD.

Sideline Physical Therapy
Martin, TN

“[FOTO] is an important tool…Clinicians have great data to create better outcomes and deliver better service. That’s what we’re all about.”

Mark Kaufman, CEO

Chicago, IL

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